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At ‘Getawaysrilanka’, we are highly committed to ensuring the security of our user’s privacy regarding all information exchanged and collected during the usage of the site, adhering to the strict guidelines of the privacy legislation of Australia. Our company have clearly outlined below what information we collect, how it is used and stored.


By providing personal information to us, you agree that our ‘Privacy Policy’ will apply to how we handle your personal information and you consent to us collecting, using and disclosing your personal information as detailed in our ‘Privacy Policy’. In particular, you agree that in certain circumstances (such as where you request us to book international travel for you), we are permitted to disclose your personal information to overseas recipients. Such recipients may include the overseas travel service providers (e.g. Airlines, Accommodation, Transporters or Tour providers) with whom we make a booking on your behalf. These travel service providers will in most cases receive your personal information in the country in which they will provide the services to you or in which their business is based. We may also disclose your personal information to our overseas related entities and to service providers who perform services for us within and outside of Australia. In general, we will only disclose your personal information to these persons in connection with facilitation of your travel booking and/or to enable the performance of administrative and technical services by them on our behalf. When we disclose your personal information to any person (including all overseas recipients), you agree that we will not be required to ensure that person’s compliance with Australian privacy laws or otherwise be accountable for how they handle your personal information. The term “disclose” stated above includes transferring, sharing, sending, or otherwise making available or accessible your personal information to another person or entity.

Information Collected:

The information you enter while making a booking on our website is mainly used to authenticate your details in accordance with your Credit Card number. During the process you will need to provide us with your home address, contact details and e-mail address in the instance we need to contact you. This ensures we are speaking to the correct individual and are able to reply to your queries efficiently.

Use of the Information Collected:

Once you have completed the booking form, your information is stored directly in the ‘getawaysrilanka’ database should it be necessary for a consultant to contact you in regards to your booking. We may use your e-mail address or mobile phone number on occasions to send you specials, discounted fares, updates, and news letters from getawaysrilanka including our partner’s promotions which are wholesale and retail. You may select ‘Unsubscribe’ at any time if you wish to stop receiving these emails or SMS messages by clicking on the specified link stated. Other usages of collected information are to verify your details via our secure safe payment gateway in order to identify and ensure that you are the authorized user of the card.

Note: For hotel bookings, we give only your surname and first name for booking confirmations. However, we may need to disclose personal information if required by law, court order or as requested by a governmental or law enforcing authority. We might also have to provide the information in good faith which may be necessary or advisable. Such reasons may include: Identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be causing, or who may be threatening to cause interference with, or damage the rights of, or properties, whether intentionally or otherwise, or when someone else could be harmed by such activities, which includes breaking the Australian Law.

Data Security:

Getawaysrilanka provides a secure environment for the authorization of credit card transactions over the Internet. A client's credit card details are not stored anywhere on the Internet and the only company who has access to this data is the merchant's bank. The bank also sends confirmation information via the same encryption technology back to the client's browser. These secure processes provide clients with peace of mind when purchasing online.


If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding the use of this website, please contact Getawaysrilanka via email or 1 300 526 526. If you have questions about an existing booking, please contact the head office.

This privacy policy may be amended without prior notification due to the changes in legislation. We ask that you read our Privacy Policy for future updates and amendments along with our Terms and Conditions.

‘Getawaysrilanka’ complaint handling and dispute resolution policy

How to make a complaint

Getawaysrilanka’ has the policy of attending to all customer requirements in a timely and efficient manner to ensure all bookings done are to the customer’s expectations. However, there may be instances when it is not so due to circumstances beyond our control. In order to make it easy for you to bring a problem or complaint to our attention, you should take the matter up with your respective ‘Travel Consultant’ who is handling your booking.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can make a complaint to:

If you need help to describe or send your complaint, or if you would like to discuss your concerns informally first, please feel free to contact us through the information given above.

Please provide as much detail as possible about your complaint, including the outcome you would like.

How we will handle your complaint

Manager- Tours Department will oversee the complaints process. The Manager is responsible for working with you and the respective staff member to ensure that the issues you raise are fully examined and that your complaint is handled in accordance with the process. We will always give you a fair opportunity to explain your case. You should make your initial complaint as clear as possible. We will treat the process and all the details of your complaint in strict confidence. If we need to discuss any issues arising from your complaint with someone outside of the agency, we will obtain your consent first. Sometimes we may want to meet you in person to discuss your concerns and try to find a satisfactory solution.

How long will it take?

We will try to resolve your complaint as early as possible. However, the length taken will depend on the nature and complexity of the issues raised. We will acknowledge your complaint within two business days by phone followed by an email. We will indicate an estimated time period we will take to finalize the matter and do our best to solve within the estimated period.

What action will we take in response to your complaint?

If we decide that your complaint is justified, we will then decide what action we should take in response. We will always try to match our response to the nature of your complaint and your desired outcome, but this may not always be possible.

Some of the things we might do include:

Take steps to rectify the problem or issue/s you have raised Give you additional information or advice so you can understand what happened or how we have dealt with it Take steps to change our policies or procedures if your complaint identifies a problem in the way we are doing things.

What if you’re still unhappy?

Even though we do our best to make sure that our Customers are happy at the end of the day, sometimes it will not be possible to resolve a complaint to everyone’s satisfaction. In such situations, you might want to take the matter with the ‘Consumer Affairs Victoria‘ on 1 300 558 181 during weekdays to discuss your complaint.