Return to rural life and the thriving farming traditions of Sri Lanka.

Agro Tourism offers you an entirely new kind of vacation with the chance to discover a living heritage. In ancient times Sri Lanka was a fertile ground of agricultural prosperity. The complex cultivation and irrigation systems developed over 2500 years ago are still used alongside 21st century farming practices. The huge tanks built by the ruling Kings of old still survive and continue to water the fields. Today, the main crops are Tea, Rubber, Coconut, Spices as well as paddy; the hills are also known for superior quality vegetables and fruit, while many kinds of grain are also grown in the dry zone in a system known as ‘Chena’ or ‘slash and burn’ cultivation. Want to get in the act? Go milk cattle on a dairy farm, wrap a tea basket round your head and join the tea pickers on the slopes at day break, learn rubber tapping, pick spices or plant crops out in the fields. For a uniquely local experience get involved in the harvesting of paddy – the rituals, the traditions as well as the feasting too. You can even stay with the families – in a mud hut, or a tree house; at a modern farm, or pick an eco-resort if you prefer more luxury. While you enjoy a novel holiday experience, you will also be helping to sustain traditional, environmentally non-destructive agricultural practices and uplift the lives of those who have continued to make farming their livelihood.