Take up a bit of time travel – go back around 2500 years or so to see what life was like in Sri Lanka.

Cultural tours packed to the brim with historical interest will whisk you back to an era of cave temples, giant stone statues and rock fortresses, lost cities, holy mountains, colourful pageants and traditions that live on today, side by side with the 21st century. With a written history that dates back thousands of years, Sri Lanka is full of relics of ancient kingdoms - living proof of a sophisticated society that used advanced knowledge of science and technology, combined it with their flair for design and fine arts to create ingenious feats that are still impressive. The advent of Buddhism influenced the first capitals of Lanka and their mammoth temples and shrines continue to draw devotees. While invasions from India caused some upheavals, true diversity was born when the European colonists arrived. The Portuguese, the Dutch and the British - each ruling power left their inimitable marks not only on the architectural landscape, but in everyday lives – religion, cuisine, language, traditions; all very much alive today to make Sri Lanka quite a head spinning mix of culture and heritage.