This was one of the main modes of transportation even during the ancient times when Kings travelled from one place to the other.

Elephant rides in Sri Lanka has become more common during recent decades due to tourism. It is not just the joy of riding the big majestic beast that is thrilling but the fact that you can go through the jungle and through muddy swamps, wet and rugged terrain without having to walk through it and get yourself dirty. You can also witness the surrounding wildlife in an area from sitting on the back of an elephant which is quite safe and unique. Currently, the most common places to go on such rides is Habarana and Sigiriya which is in the cultural triangle. You can also do it in the Pinnawala area and certain parts of Kandy. The best however, will be the Habarana and the Sigiriya area in the months of March thru July due to the terrain you can cover. During this time, as some of the swamps are half submerged in rain water, you can ride the elephant where half of its body is submerged in water and quite an exciting experience. A ride is generally US$ 25-US$ 30 per person depending on the duration. The ride is generally safe and accompanied by the Mahout (Caretaker of the elephant).