Up, up and away – fly high above the landscape for a bird’s eye view of Sri Lanka.

Hot Air Ballooning is perhaps the most thrilling way to see the true beauty of the island. Drift away with the air currents and let the winds take you skimming over treetops, rising high to float over the sprawling landscape. Acres of green paddy, lakes, rivers, towns, villages and jungle; wildlife and everyday life, cultural sites and landmarks – all yours to see on your flight. Reaching heights between 500 to 2000 feet you will experience a different world – one with crisp, clean air filled with a dreamy sense of peace; a stillness which many describe as ‘sensational tranquillity’. This is due to the unreal lack of motion or perception of height that is characteristic of ballooning which unlike other forms of flight, travel with the winds, at the same speed. . Hot Air Ballooning flights are offered over a variety of terrain from flying over historical sites in the Cultural Triangle, soaring over seaside townships in Galle or South coast, or mountain vistas in the hill country. A typical tour starts at dawn and lasts around three hours including flight preparation, briefing; take-off, flight – around one hour, landing, pick up and return. Your flight path is decided by the winds, but a support vehicle always follows your flight, so you are in safe hands. And, your return to ‘terra firma’ will be celebrated with a champagne breakfast too.