Be prepared for visual overload in the paradise isle of Sri Lanka.

Photography tours let you capture and preserve the incredible beauty and diversity of this tropical land in the most memorable way. Whether you are an aspiring amateur, a pro hunting for that award winner, or just a happy snapper who loves to click away, the opportunities are boundless. Exploring Sri Lanka's famous sights - national parks, tea plantations, hill country, beaches and plains, cultural sites and so on, the tours are specially designed to take you to the main attraction of each destination giving you the best opportunity get amazing shots of wildlife, culture, lifestyle or indeed any specialised topic or subject you may wish to focus on. The tours will be flexibly planned to make the best of photo opportunities, timing the excursions to take advantage of the best light, arrange situations and linger in places of interest so you can get that perfect shot you need. In addition, if you want to stay off the beaten track and capture the ‘real’ non-tourist Sri Lanka, we will take you to those hidden visual treasures too. Travelling with fellow enthusiasts, sharing the same passion choosing a photography tour will not only be an exciting holiday, but a rewarding experience in every way.