If you are keen to explore the true diversity of Sri Lanka, Trekking and Hiking is perhaps the ideal way to discover the unique beauty of the landscape.

Whether you are a dedicated rambler or looking for some scenic walks. Away from the scorching beaches and busy coastal towns is a whole new land of forest clad mountains, mile upon mile of tea plantations, cascading waterfalls and rural life. From the dry zone wetlands and jungles of the North to discovering rainforests of the south-western foothills and the arid scrub jungles of the South you have a huge choice of treks to pick from. If you want to stay within the cool climes the hill country offers the best options: at Belihuloya you can combine your hikes with some abseiling down waterfalls, the Horton Plains national park offers a high altitude landscape like no other – stunted forests, Patna grassland, even a dramatic 800 metre drop called World’s End. At the mountain retreat of Ella you can see breath taking views off Little Adam’s Peak, Ella rock and the Namunukula range. There are 155 square kilometres to explore on the Knuckles range with five major forest formations – paradise for nature lovers, and trekking at the Sinharaja rainforest with its unique habitat too is a must.