Whether you are an expert paddler looking for new rapids to ride or just wanting to catch a quick thrill the possibilities for white water rafting in Sri Lanka is never too far away.

While there are many rivers and waterways to pick from it is advisable to choose recommended safe locations and certified tour operators with guides and equipment available for hire. Some locations such as Kitulgala on the Kelani River are ideal for beginners as well as for advanced rafters while the other locations are graded according to skill levels for the experienced rafters. You can have a quick dose of adrenalin high with a short one hour ride, or spend more time on the waters, planning your stay for a few days or even weeks. For the experienced enthusiast there are many choices: Kalu Ganga offers grade four and five rapids with the river spilling out of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, tumbling down a 20km gorge. Kotmale River in the central highlands offers a six-hour journey including steep grade five rapids. Mahaweli River, Sri Lanka’s longest offers many challenges from easy grade two sections to bone chilling grade six drops. Sitawaka River on the next valley to Kitulgala grades four and five. Sudu River and Walawe River offer grade two and three and amazing wilderness sights along the way too.