Bandarawela, is a busy market town on the south eastern hills of Sri Lanka Due to its higher altitude, it is blessed with mild, cool weather throughout the year, which makes it popular as a holiday destination amongst locals who seek escape from the heat.

For the traveller, its location makes it a good base to explore the region. Bandarawela is 200 km away from Colombo and about 125 km away from Kandy. Both roads and railway transportation facilities are available to reach the area within a few hours. The area is very picturesque with high mountains, lush green tea plantations and plenty of fauna and flora, making it a quiet getaway for a nature lover. Being an old colonial outpost, the town still has some quaint architecture if you are looking for historical interest – and ancient temples (if you wish to visit them) are never too far away either.

Dowe Cave Temple

Dowa Cave Temple is a historic cave temple complex located 6 kilometres from Bandarawela, placed amidst the hills, with its enigmatic divine charm is located at the bottom of a hill on the banks of a charming hill stream. It was once the sanctuary for King Valagamba. The temple has a beautiful ornamental gateway, and a 38 foot Buddha image sculptured from a single rock and paintings belonging to the Kandyan era, depicting excellent Sri Lankan–style Buddhist murals (Jataka stories).

Dowa Cave Temple is a major Badulla tourist destination where visitors admire the ancient and lovely paintings that adorn the walls of the temple. A striking but spectacular part of the paintings lie on the rock cave's ceiling.