Polhena Beach is the romantic gift of mother nature to Matara. There are many beaches all across Sri Lanka but Polhena beach presents a mesmerizing view to its viewers and tourists.

The travel guides also contain extra information on the beach and can be seen by many individuals as a source of good visitor information. Polhena Beach is special because of its 4 kilometer long coral reef lying about 200 meters off the shore, spreading parallel to the beach. Strong waves of the Indian Ocean come rolling towards the shore, but they all crash on Polhena reef, nearly 250-300 meters before it reaches the shore. Polhena beach is therefore free from big waves. It looks like a lake, sending small ripples to wash the white, sandy beach. Polhena beach is the weekend spot of the fun lovers of Matara since a long time. Polhena Beach is also a great honeymoon location as there are many amazing areas and places to visit that are very romantic due to their classic look and feeling. Another great feature is that the Nilwala River flows through the city and directly falls into the sea at place of Totamuna.

There is a beautiful island named as the Crow Island that is directly in front of the Polhena Beach in Matara. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the place as it is beautifully located and gives a spectacular look to the visitors who are fantasised by the beauty of this place. The sea between the shore and Polhena reef is shallow, and within the standing depth. Sunshine falls all the way to the sea bed, and this is best for snorkelling. Polhena reef is home to a number of marine species including some colourful reef fish, colourful corals, urchins, star fish, sea cucumbers, etc.