Whether you are a keen angler or just fancy a spot of fishing, Sri Lanka offers miles of ocean all around as well as a great assortment of lakes, rivers and waterways inland to choose from.

Our waters are well known for its abundance of sub-aquatic life. Close to the coast you can find Grouper, Snapper, Emperor and Bonefish; a bit further out to sea are Indian and Spanish Mackerel, Seer fish, King fish, Barracuda, Baramundi, Jack fish, Trevally and Tuna. Sail fish, swordfish, Marlin and Shark are found far out in the deep. As you sail along, you will often find schools of dolphins cruising beside you too. Inland fishing can be taken up any time of the year, but deep sea fishing is dependent on the seasons. The Western and Southern coasts are best from November to April and the East coast is friendlier from May to September. You can cast your lines from specially fitted out glass bottomed motor boats with all equipment as well as safety gear supplied for you. If you don’t much care to venture out there, you can even fish from the beach – or settle on the banks of a scenic lake and reel them in.