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This tiny speck in the vast blue Indian Ocean always drew attention to itself like the forces in a magnet from the earliest to modern times. 

Sri Lanka is packed with golden and white sandy beaches, rolling mountains and some of the finest tea the world can offer, over a dozen wild life national parks, rain forests, ancient ruins, cultural sites, lush green paddy fields and many more, the landscape is a varied contrast...

This tiny speck in the vast blue Indian Ocean has been a magnet for tourists and traders from ancient times. And modern Sri Lanka is a tourist haven, with people coming from all over the world to taste the delights, experience the adventures, and view the incredible landscapes and wildlife on this magical island.

Sri Lanka is surrounded by golden and white sandy beaches, and the mountains soar into the clouds. Some of the best tea in the world is grown in the fertile soils, and the island has luxury resorts galore, a dozen wildlife national parks, rainforests, ancient ruins, cultural sites, lush green paddy fields and much more to offer travellers... readmore 


Sri Lanka Travel

Travel in Sri Lanka is easier than in India, and things go much more smoothly, including transactions, train and plane timetables and ticketing, and there are heaps of luxury hotels and resorts to choose from, all able to be booked online. Nilaveli and Uppuveli on the north-east are strikingly beautiful, secluded stretches of sand. The few places to stay are thinly distributed, so the beaches are usually empty and open to long and lonely meandering. Travel to Nuwara Eliya a town the British built where the locals say the elite gather to be cold and damp and imagine they’re back in England. And if you’ve ever wondered what Hell would be like, travel to the Wewurukannala Vihara temple or the ‘Hell Tunnel’, a macabre trip illustrated with frescoes and plaster monsters tormenting the damned. Tourists have to walk past these horrific scenes to get to the giant Buddha.

A group package, or couples, and singles trips around the beautiful island of Sri Lanka are available, as well as singles and couples, so delight your senses and see the many wonders and attractions, including the stretches of stunning beaches, unique forests and animals, the diverse culture and eight World Heritage-Listed sites

Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is becoming the trendy country that young and old tourists yearn to visit. Travellers are lured by the sandy beaches, the mountains, tea plantations and cultural history. The resorts on this island paradise entice many a visitor as well, with every luxury a tourist could wish for, from VIP treatment when you’re met at the airport, to the service and superior accommodation. When you visit the island, a seaplane ride can take you from the bustling capital city, Colombo, to the lush inland and the jungles on the south of the island.

While you’re here, you can forget the cereal and toast for breakfast or the takeaway you might eat back home when on holiday. In Sri Lanka try the famous ‘hoppers’, crispy cup-shaped pancakes made with fermented rice flour and coconut milk, served with a fried egg. And Perera and Sons provide delicious savoury bites, samosas and Chinese rolls you can buy anywhere on the island.

Where to Go in Sri Lanka

The pace of life in Sri Lanka is slower compared to other tourist hotspots in Asia, which makes it a pleasant introduction to the region. The enchanting natural heritage site of the Sinharaja rainforest is Sri Lanka’s last remaining vestige of major rainforest, and yet it’s still a well-kept secret. Trek to the waterfalls and have a swim, but watch for spiders and snakes - which is good advice, no matter where you travel. Immerse yourself in Buddhist calm at the Poya festivals celebrating the full moon in June, which is a sight to behold with everyone dressed in white as they make their pilgrimage to the sacred mountain peak of Mihintale with lovely lanterns. Another place to visit in Sri Lanka is Galle FaceBeach where you can go kite flying or sit and watch others let their kites float into the sky on windy days. Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Sri Lanka's early inhabitants, the Veddas, believe a very important person in ancient times left an imprint of their foot in the rock.

The range of package tours we offer ensures that Sri Lanka’s magnificence can be explored in exactly the way you desire.
Whether you’re yearning for a new cultural experience, an exciting adventure, or even just some rest and relaxation, Getaway Sri Lanka has the right trip for you

Sri Lanka Trip

For surfers hanging out to catch a wave and party on the southeastern side of the island, the ocean and golden sands at Arugam Bay are irresistible. Another sight you’re sure to enjoy on your Sri Lanka trip is Sigiriya, the ancient rock fortress complex and palace, one of the most valuable historical monuments on the island. Locals refer to it as the ‘eighth natural wonder of the world’.

And while in Sigiriya, visit Lion’s Rock - especially if you’re a climber! This 200m square rock juts from the rainforest as if someone has put it there - it’s one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage sights, so mark it as a must-visit. Check out the Sinharaja Rainforest, the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, and the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Below is a list of the other best places to visit on your trip to the magical island of Sri Lanka, which was part of the ancient Silk Road:

  • The Ancient Ruins of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa
  • Koneswaram Kovil, Trincomalee
  • Gadaladeniya Temple
  • The Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya
  • Embekke Dewale
  • Huggala gardens
  • Horton Plains
  • Gregory’s lake in Nuwara Eliya
  • The Golf course

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