From Red Faced Malkohas, Green billed Coucals and Chestnut Backed Owlets to Pink Flamingos and over 400 species of feathered wonders, in Sri Lanka bird watching can be quite exciting.

Whether you are a seriously committed ‘Twitcher’ or just enjoy spotting a bit of exotic bird life you will have plenty to keep those binoculars glued to your eyes. The sunny, tropical climate attracts over 200 migrant species that fly down for the winter – some, from as far as the Arctic tundra! The residents include 33 endemics, most of which are far from shy, and can be ticked off your list even on a short trip. Some special sights not to be missed include: The mixed species feeding flocks of Sinharaja rainforest, The Greater Flamingo flocks at Bundala, Endemics at Bodhinagala Rainforest, Wetland species at the Talangama Lake, Waders at Palatupana saltines, Montane endemics at Horton Plains National Park, Himalayan migrants at Nuwara Eliya, endemics at Kelani Valley Forest Reserve, Waders and pink flamingos at Mannar and Jaffna, to name a few.