When the heat and the bustle of coastal life get a tad too much, or you’ve just about had enough of the beach, head inland, into the very heart of the country.

The mountain region of Sri Lanka is so vastly different to the rest of the island that it could well be another country altogether. Within a space of a few hours – indeed a few miles, you feel the air cooling, the land rising up from gentle hills to dramatic, cloud covered peaks. The wonders are both natural and man-made, and the region’s history is as interesting as its landscape. Tea – a legacy left behind by the British colonial rule, continues to dominate the slopes with acre upon acre of lush green stretching as far as the eye can see. You can experience the art of tea, from bud to cup with visits to plantations; stay in old ‘Planter’s Bungalows’ or even converted factories. But, if tea is not quite your cuppa, the Mountains offer an amazing diversity of natural beauty to keep you awestruck.