The world is full of beautiful beaches; but in Sri Lanka, beach holidays can be a bit like discovering a perfect little paradise.

Wrapped around this small island just 432km long and 224km wide – a mere dot in the Indian Ocean is 3600 Kilometres of coastline where you will find every kind of beach imaginable. There’s a beach for all seasons, a beach for all reasons; and beaches of every kind, and for every one too. Miles and miles of golden sands alive with seaside activity; palm fringed pristine white coves tucked quietly away; rough, rocky outcrops where swirling surf lashes the shore; lonely pockets of undiscovered havens or beach towns buzzing with party vibes day and night. And, whichever direction you head – North, South, East or West you will find a shoreline that is distinctly different to the other. When the monsoons pour down on one side of the island, just escape to the other and say ‘hello’ to blistering hot days and sun soaked sands.