If you are traveling to Sri Lanka for the first time, here are some details that will assist you in preparing for your vacation:

Sri Lankan food is essentially spicy. No matter where you travel, there will always be the offering of rice and curry. There will usually be steamed white rice with a selection of vegetables, meat, chicken or fish. There are also many fast food franchises such as MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Burger King and Subway.

While water is boiled and filtered in most places, we would recommend that you stick to bottled water at all times. Bottled water is freely available in restaurants as well as in supermarkets and road-side shops. Never buy bottled water if the seal is broken or tampered with in any way. Bottles : 500ml generally costs around Rs. 40 – 60 and 1L approx Rs. 100 – 120 (Chilled water may cost extra)


Regardless of where you are traveling, it is always prudent to have your insurance premiums up to date. Sri Lanka is covered by Bupa as well as AIA and other international travel insurers.


While your travel agent will assist you when you have taken ill, it is also best that you carry any medication you regularly take, with you. In the event of allergies, please also carry an epi-pen* (epinephrine injection) with you. Sri Lanka has a very comprehensive network of government and private hospitals, clinics and pharmacies/chemists. Medicine is readily available.

Legal Matters

If you are in need of assistance or guidance, the Sri Lanka Police have a station in every major town. In addition to this, there are many Justice of the Peace who can notarize or sign off on documents for you. There are also lawyers and legal aid available to lend a hand you in the event that you require any assistance. Most contracts are drawn up in English

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